Tecnically Sound. 

Volleyball has become the fastest growing game among girls in the United States. With so many clubs and organizations dedicating energy to the sport, we at Upnext can help. Our coaches will help guide and direct your athlete on hitting, passing, serving as well as rotations and situational play. With youth sports being an almost year round investment, we can help keep their skills sharp and ready to go.

What to expect 

  • Proper serving technique
  • Swing mechanics
  • Passing platform training
  • Position training
  • Defensive/Offensive strategies
  • Transitioning
  • Situational play
  • and much more


One on One
Starting at $50 per hour

Group (3 or more)
Starting at $20 per hour



Vince is just an amazing coach/friend to have around.

It was such a pleasure having my daughter coached by Coach Vince.  He is not only dedicated to teaching his players how to get to the highest level of Volleyball, but he is also an amazing talent when it comes to the game.  Vince goes beyond being knowledgeable, patient and motivating.  He has also played a significant role in guiding my daughter in her volleyball career.  Vince is just an amazing coach/friend to have around.


Patient as a Saint!

Coach Vince is an extremely knowledgeable coach who has the patience of a saint! As a talented coach, he stresses the importance of developing individual skills while still focusing on the importance of playing as a team.